Intro to HTML

For this week's assignment I will use HTML code to respond to the weekly assignment.
HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.
HTML is a tool that web browsers respond to in applying and displaying language text, images, videos, links, and so much more!

Understanding How HTML Works

HTML is the foundation of language display on a computer. Syntax is one of the main variables that guides not just HTML but other programming languages. The syntax matters since these are rules by the systems and if not applied correctly, can lead to SYNTAX ERRORS
For HTML to work, the developer needs to be familiar with TAGS. Tags are a special syntax in defining the element within the program. Tags will always start with a < or a >; this helps HTML indicate what type of element is going to be implemented.
Tags that are generally used open are followed with a , h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, p, div, span, a, and much more. To end a tag and indicate to the program to run, apply <./ .I had to add a period between the "less than" sign since it wanted to run as a tag, otherwise you do not the period between the two symbols for it to run.


Why do only some links work when you apply them and try to hyperlink them using the <.a.> tag <./.a.>?

Side note:

To have made this pretty with colors, fonts, and sizing, I would have needed to use CSS- perhaps for another class.